Singapore CoinGecko aims to provide a fundamental analysis of the cryptocurrency market.

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency data aggregator that currently tracks over 4,000 coins and tokens from nearly 300 cryptocurrency exchanges. We monitor various crypto data such as price, trading volume, market capitalization, community growth, open-source code development, significant events, and on-chain metrics.

Our aim is to provide a fundamental analysis of the crypto market and we hope to elevate crypto participants’ understanding of fundamental factors that drive the market. We have been operating for nearly 5 years since April 2014 and have one of the most comprehensive cryptocurrency database. We are among the top 10 most visited cryptocurrency websites in the world and during the crypto peak, was handling over 100 million monthly pageviews. For more information, visit


CoinGecko consists of a team of 10 people led by the co-founders, TM Lee and Bobby Ong. We are located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and have a strong understanding of the South East Asian cryptocurrency market. Both TM Lee and Bobby Ong have dabbled in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013 and started CoinGecko in April 2014.

Our team is divided in half with TM leading the engineering department and Bobby leading the market research department. Our engineering capabilities are proven with CoinGecko consistently being one of the top 10 crypto websites in traffic reach. Our market research team has consistently produced quarterly crypto reports for the past 1.5 years and our reports are regularly translated into multiple languages and covered by major media outlets. Here is our latest 2018 full year crypto report - an 83 page PDF with an overview of the entire 2018 crypto market.

In late-2018, we began to explore and research on the area of masternodes, staking, and on-chain governance primarily to improve our market research capabilities in the space. Our first masternode experiment started off with Tomochain in December 2018 where we are currently the second most-voted Tomochain masternode. In addition to that, we have also recently announced out intention to be an IOST masternode and Steem witness.

Tech Setup

CoinGecko will be utilizing the Google Cloud Platform in the Singapore region to operate the IoTeX Consensus Delegate. We will be striving for a 99.9% uptime and will be monitoring things to improve operational efficiency. Below is a summary of our hardware setup:

Service Provider: Google Cloud

Processor: Intel Xeon Scalable Processor (Skylake)

CPU: 8 cores

RAM: 16 GB

SSD Storage: 4 TB

Community Plan

CoinGecko has plans to contribute to the development of the IoTeX community by building and supporting various initiatives.


We have been tracking IoTeX market data since May 2018. As part of the CoinGecko website, an IoTeX widget that displays IoTeX market data is made available to the community. Through the CoinGecko API, users can also query historical IoTeX data or also download in CSV format.


We are able to contribute by helping to grow the IoTex community within the global community. As CoinGecko covers a wide user base from US, Japan, Russia, Germany, and more, our reach in these countries can help IoTex grow its presence. An example of how we can create awareness would be via IOTX token giveaways to the CoinGecko community. We would continue to explore other avenues of growing awareness as we familiarize ourselves with the IoTex network.


With our core operations centered within South East Asia, we are able to assist with outreach to the community here. One example would be to connect the IoTex Foundation to the local area through meetup organizers across South East Asia. CoinGecko also regularly organizes meetups in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and we would like to extend our invitation to IoTeX Foundation to share their experiences here.


We will be rolling out a News section on CoinGecko soon and with this tool, we will be able to track and monitor latest news covering IoTex.

As we move forward and keep up with the development of IoTex, we are looking to explore opportunities to build other tools in the cryptocurrency space that would benefit the IoTex community. We would like to hear your suggestions and encourage the IoTeX community to email suggestions to us at [email protected]

Reward Distribution Plan

Epoch Bonus Reward: 85%

Block Rewards: 85%

IoTeX Foundation Bonus: 85%

Payout frequency: Every 7 days

Your plans for other rewards:

Rewards will be allocated to fund node operating cost.

We are open to feedbacks on how we will be allocating the remaining rewards.

IoTeX (ERC-20) rewards will be distributed from