Earth Introduce blockchain into the mainstream society and provide funding, technology, strategy and compliance support to valuable blockchain start-ups

BlockVC is a leading blockchain investment firm. BlockVC is an acknowledged leader around the globe and committed to the pursuit of opportunities in blockchain industry. We have an underlying exposure to 1 VC fund and 2 eco-funds in our portfolio of more than 60 projects.

BlockVC focuses on mapping our investment themes into a systematical matrix: infrastructure protocols, application protocols and financial services. BlockVC offers full life-cycle solutions including incubating and asset management to our portfolio that have global impacts.


Kevin Hsu | Founder & CEO

Kevin holds Master degree of Computer Statistics and Machine Learning from University College London (UCL) and was student of David Silver, senior engineer of AlphaGO. Kevin served in large financial technology companies such as Credit Suisse, Wecash and Dragonmind Capital. Meanwhile he engaged in the product design of ETF and managed an industrial fund with over 1 billion RMB AUM. Kevin possesses solid investment experience with proven track of record in Blockchain industry. Currently with more than 200 million USD equivalent of blockchain asset under management, he has invested over 60 projects globally such as QuarkChain, NKN, Celer Network, IoTex, DxChain, Origin Protocol, VeChain, Republic Protocol, Certik and Ocean Protocol etc.

Tech Setup


Server: primary server and backup server running IoTeX (both with firewall)

Memory: 32GB of RAM

Local storage: 8TB SSD

CPU: 64-bit

Processor: 16 cores (2.4GHz each)

Network: 500MB/sec

Community Plan

Anyone who supports BlockVC will not only get the bonus of supernode reward, but also get the priority support of BlockVC's overall strategic layout and services matrix, which will ensure you survive in a bear market and thrive in the next bull market.

Besides, As a Consensus Delegate, our team will build a multi-server DDOS protected environment with experienced engineers and risk management system.

Reward Distribution Plan

60%-for voters(Thank you for your support)

20%-maitain infrastructure

20%-develop global IoTeX community