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Lanhu IoT (蓝狐IoT)
China (中国) Working hard for “the IoT that everyone can use with confidence!


The Lanhu IoT node believes that the blockchain will eventually bring fundamental changes to the Internet of Things. The Lanhu IoT node is very interested in IoTeX's underlying technology,and members of our node are all early supporters. The original intention of setting up a node is to believe that IoTeX can bring changes to the Internet of Things. We hope more people will join our node and support IoTeX to empower the Internet of Things.



The Lanhu IoT node team members are composed of crypto enthusiasts and have a deep understanding of crypto projects, especially the Internet of Things and blockchain.

Lanhu: In-depth investor of cryptography project, a deep understanding of blockchain project. Responsible for community management.

Zehou: Practitioner in blockchain, led the design and operation of exchanges, mining, Dapp and other projects, familiar with the blockchain ecology. Responsible for the community operation and management.

Zhuyili: Deep investor in traditional industries and an early investor in blockchain, invested in several well-known projects, has an in-depth research on blockchain, focusing on the fields of IOT, AI, cross-chain and financial services.

Houlaizhe: Engager in venture capital investment and business incubation services, focusing on the Internet and AI, has abundant resources (including government, universities, capital, etc.) in China, enthusiast for Blockchain and Internet of things. Responsible for the expansion of strategic partner of Lanhu IOT.

Yuancao: Continuous entrepreneur, many years of Internet investment and management experience, early investor of cryptocurrency, studies and invests in Token economy based on the fusion of blockchain, AI, IOT and other technologies.

Anthnoy: Cryptocurrency investor with a deep understanding and unique opinion of Blockchain and its ecological construction, pays a close attention to Blockchain + IoT. Responsible for the technical support and content construction of Lanhu IoT community.






Yuancao:连续创业者,有多年的互联网投资经验和管理经验。加密货币早期投资者,主要研究和投资方向为基于区块链、AI、 IOT等技术融合的Token经济。

Anthnoy:加密货币投资者,对区块链及其生态建设有深刻的认识和独到的见解,高度关注Blockchain + IoT, 主要负责蓝狐IOT社区的技术支持和内容建设。

Tech Setup


Server and backup server running IoTeX software (both with firewall)

Memory: 16GB of RAM

Local storage: 4TB SSD

CPU: 64-bit

Processor: 8 cores, 2.4 GHz each

Network: 100Mbps


Linux: Debian Stretch (9)

Go-lang: 1.10.x

Community Plan

To build a IoTeX community and release all the latest developments in the IoTeX project to all community members and those are interested in IoT and blockchain development. And answer relevant questions in a timely manner to help members understand the value of IoTeX and its role in promoting the future of the Internet of Things.

mainly includes:

  1. Establish an exclusive IoTeX Wechat Blog

  2. Establish a WeChat community

  3. Release IoTeX related progress from time to time, including research and development progress, cooperation progress, community dynamics, etc. And popularize blockchain and IoT-related knowledge maps to promote the value of IoTeX to more people.



1) 建立专属公众号

2) 建立专属节点微信社群

3) 不定期发布相关IoTeX相关进展,包括研发进展、合作进展、社区动态等。同时发布区块链+物联网相关的知识图谱,向更多人宣传IoTeX的价值。

Reward Distribution Plan

The Lanhu IoT node will reward a portion of the profit to the voting members and will develop a sustainable and competitive plan based on market conditions. In the early stage, you can join the voting WeChat group. Please add WeChat: pacinoli