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Youbi Validator
new york Y Validator joins Iotex Campaign to run an independent validator node to offer delegates client the most competitive return on their stake.

Youbi Validator is the block validation service operated by Youbi Capital. Our fund is a major token holder of many serious prospective public blockchains that will rely on Proof of Stake. We are strongly motivated to participate in these new networks as a block production node as we believe the robustness of the network is the foundation of the value of the token in our portfolios. At the same time, staking the tokens is a great way for crypto investors to generate crypto flow on daily/weekly basis. We would like to take advantage of our expertise and position as an early investor to extend the opportunity to maximize return from staking to the retail investors in the community.


Youbi Validator is managed by a team of crypto investment and trading experts from Youbi Capital. We also closely collaborate with our strategic partner, Wayi Blockchain Technology, which runs one of the largest crypto mining operation in the world. Experience from both teams will offer delegated clients an edge in accessing the most profitable blockchain validation activities.

Tech Setup

Node performance is key to validation efficiency and reward collection. We are dedicated to operate the validator with state of the art infrastructure for blockchain node to defend against DDOS and other cybersecurity attacks. The system is maintained by engineers experienced with setting up mining clients/pools for multiple blockchains.

Alibaba Cloud (US)
API node
Blockchain node

Community Plan

We target long term investors in Iotex and try to make the staking service as accessible and profitable as possible. We plan to provide step-by-step guidance to vote for our node and receive rewards as well as timely updated statistics of the validation activities and reward collection. We will distribute rewards daily if the cost of transaction allows.

Reward Distribution Plan

90% of all rewards to voters including block rewards, epoch reward and any bonus from Iotex foundation