China Excited to start our journey with IoTeX, and we will always strive to make you happy!

We are experienced, reliable Delegates and witnesses in many DPoS projects, such as Lisk, Decent, Sophiatx and so on. We are working tirelessly for the robustness of the IoTeX network and the growth of the community.


  1. Wan Phinx is a Program developer and data analyst working in the local edcutaion department.
  2. Tan is a Hardware Engineer, responsible for operation and maintenance of several big rig farms.
  3. Darkwolf is a marketing supervisor in some cryptocurrency projects.

Tech Setup

  1. MainNode
    CPU: 10 cores
    RAM: 60GB
    STORAGE: 1600GB Full SSD
    NETWORK: 1000 Mbps

  2. BackupNode CPU: 8 cores
    RAM: 30GB
    STORAGE: 800GB Full SSD
    NETWORK: 600 Mbps

  3. Status monitor and failover controller are developed by nodejs and bash scripts.

Community Plan

  1. Translate documents and news to Chinese and bring them to Chinese community.
  2. Build tools,tutorials and Scripts to help others.
  3. Learn SDK documents and help other developers.
  4. Donate to community events,bugs founder and tools developers.

Reward Distribution Plan

We appreciate your support! 50% of the epoch bonus reward will be shared with our voters.