Super IoTeX *
China We have been supporting IoTeX since the beginning of the project. Now we aim to become the IoTex community leader and diving deep into IoTex. We will help people understand IoTex.
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

SuperIoTex aims to help people who are interested in IoTex to develop blockchain applications. When the SuperIoTex become an block producer , people can get reward by voting for SuperIoTex. We also donate to those who contribute to SuperIoTex. Our vision is to help IoTex build blockchain platform for IoT applications.


Cai: Senior investor of Blockchain; Leader of Lisk Community
Pidan: Master degree in Computer Science; Developer of MVS; Co-Founder of GJCOM

Tech Setup

Server: aliyun cloud ecs.g5.2xlarge
64-bit 8vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 2TB SSD
System: Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit
Bandwidth: 100Mbs

Community Plan

Our team have experienced computer engineer, and we could provide a secure multi-server environment, which could defend against DDOS attacks.
Our team also haver develop engineer, we could develop Dapps on IoTex ,which could help get more people for IoTex. Our vision is to help IoTex build blockchain platform for IoT applications

Reward Distribution Plan

70% - for voters (Thank you for your support)
10% - maintain infrastructure
20% - develop conmmunity