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China Delegate IoTeX with Cobo & Earn rewards
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

Cobo is a world-class block validator with major holdings in dozens of Proof-of-Stake projects. Our in-house engineering team has years of experience and currently helps Cobo maintain thousands of nodes across more than 30 projects. We’re a company that believes in building a blockchain-based future by supporting projects like IoTeX. Our mission is to make it easy for everybody to own, use, and store cryptocurrencies.

In addition to helping blockchain projects build robust and secure networks, Cobo is also bringing digital asset solutions to the masses with Cobo Wallet, the first mobile wallet to offer staking pools. Through our app we offer powerful crypto management tools and help our users earn rewards by staking their assets. Cobo also offers a hardware wallet and tailored custodial solutions, making us a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency needs.

We are committed working with the IoTeX team as a Consensus Node, and to bringing all of our expertise and experience to bear on supporting IoTeX through our various business lines.


Shixing Mao (神鱼): Co-founder and CEO of Cobo, and co-founder and CEO of F2Pool.

Mao is a true veteran in the cryptocurrency field, entering the industry in 2011. The first company he founded - F2Pool - is the #1 mining pool for LTC, ETH, and consistently ranks near the top for BTC mining pools.

Changhao Jiang:Co-founder and CTO of Cobo; previously founder of Bihang (acquired by OKCoin) and Facebook research scientist 2008-2012.

Tech Setup

Server: master and slave server running IoTex software, with standard security measure (e.g. firewall, and DDoS protection)

Memory: 32 GB RAM

CPU: 16vCPU 2.4GHz

Local Storage: 8 TB SSD

Network: 1GB/sec

Community Plan

Cobo is a company that is firmly committed to supporting blockchain development and making cryptocurrencies easy to own and use. Our three established product lines - Cobo Wallet, Cobo Vault and Cobo Custody - can be integrated into IoTeX ecosystem. As one of the world’s leading wallet companies offering Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Masternode rewards on user holdings, Cobo is experienced in managing up thousands of Supernodes across multiple chains. We are confident Cobo will be an ideal candidate to become an IoTeX Consensus Node.

Cobo will provide reward products with our BitGrow flexible plan, giving back 90% of node rewards to users and community members. Cobo will also help establish user communities for IoTeX enthusiasts and promote awareness of the IoTeX project through our owned channels. Cobo will also be prioritizing integrations and support for the IoTeX DApp ecosystem. We are also looking to set up a fund for IoTeX community management, project incubation, and development-related products within Cobo.

Reward Distribution Plan

90% - giving back to voters

10% - infrastructure maintenace