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Founded in 2011, PreAngel has invested more than 300 companies in China and US, which covers a range of industries such as Mobile Internet, Smart Hardware, Healthcare, Sharing Economy, Finance and Insurance, E-Commerce, Consumption Upgrade, Female Economy, Sport and Culture, etc. PreAngel has been investing in the blockchain industry since 2014, our portfolio projects include NEO, Quarkchain, Arcblock, Origin, Coinsuper, Bgogo, Coinvoice, etc.


Lijie Wang, Founding Partner
Founded the PreAngel Fund in 2011. He serves as an Executive Director of the China Yong Angel Investors Association, and an Executive Committee of the Shanghai Angel Investment Committee. He enjoys history, philosophy, thinking, sports, and music. Born an optimistic and positive person, he treats angel investment as his mission in life.

Jun Zhang, Partner
Jun is a serial entrepreneur in the field of trade, logistics, polymer materials manufacturing, and clothing manufacturing. His cross-industry experience made him an advocate of thinking and exploration. He is convinced that we close to singularity and technological breakthrough can profoundly change the traditional industries and significantly enhance people’s life.

Zhuohuan Li, Partner
Zhuohuan is the Chief Scientist of Zixia BBS, and, Founder of, Webmaster of He received his undergraduate degree from Tsinghua University and his EMBA from China Europe International Business School. He is also one of the Founder of the CEIBS Mobi Club. Zhuohuan currently serves as the Vice President of the Mobile Internet of Tsinghua Entrepreneurs and Executive Club, the Founding Director of the China Yong Angel Investors Association, and the Executive Director of Tianjin Angel Investors Association.

Hao Gu, Partner
Hao started his own business in 2001. He has management experiences and is well connected in the Technology, Media, and Telecom industry (TMT). He has sales, marketing, technology, and management experiences when he was working for Shanghai Media Group, and Siemens Mobile Communications. In November 2017, Hao led XBELL Communication Technology to list overseas successfully.

Zhenzhen Sun, Partner
Zhenzhen graduated from National University of Singapore, and the University of Pennsylvania. She worked for Morgan Stanley Private Equity and JPMorgan Private Equity. Since 2003, Zhenzhen has been engaging in financing and private equity investment in China and the United States. She has direct involvement in over $1 billion in investments. Zhenzhen is interested in investment opportunities in the field of Medical Care, Health, and Consumption Upgrade.

Wei Hu, Partner
Wei graduated from the Zhejiang University of Technology with a degree in Computer Science and Applications. He worked in China Mobile for ten years and built the first generation of the China Mobile OA Office Automation System. He was the architect of multiple OSS/BSS,ERP,Informatica Security and many supporting systems. After he left China Mobile, Wei obtained his EMBA degree from Zhejiang University while he was running his own start-up company.

Chuck Wu, Partner
Chuck graduated from UC Berkeley, and he holds dual EMBA degrees from INSEAD and Tsinghua University. He was once in charge of global development, and international development/strategy at eBay and PayPal. Chuck is also a member of the board of directors of Vimicro Corporation.

Yan Zhuang, Partner
Yan graduated from UC Berkeley with a Doctorate in Computer Science. His research interests include robotics, industrial automation, computer graphics, and virtual reality. He won the IEEE Robotics and Automation Best Paper Reward in 1996. Yan joined Qualcomm in 2000 and became a founding core member of the company’s wireless internet team.

Tech Setup

Server: One master and one backup server deployed in the US and Europe region. Both servers are running IoTeX software (both with firewall).
Memory: 16 GB of Ram
Local Storage: 4TB SSD
CPU: 64-bit
Processor: 8 cores
Network: 100 MB/sec

Community Plan

As seasoned investors in Mobile Internet, Smart Hardware, Healthcare, E-Commerce, and many other industries, we are excited to join the IoTeX family. We have an experienced team ready to help push adoptions of IoTeX in multiple sectors across China and the United States. We will mobilize our resources and call-in our connections to raise the awareness of the IoTeX platform and bring in development opportunities.

PreAngel is ready to help IoTeX to build a strong community from the business side. We will utilize our team’s connections in multiple industries to broaden the applications of IoT technologies.

Reward Distribution Plan

80% - distributed to our voters to show our appreciation of your support
10% - server maintenance and up keep
5% - operational expenses
5% - business development for IoTeX