United Kingdom Unleashing the power of blockchain

Metanyx are a technical team of blockchain enthusiasts who have been been involved in IoTeX community since the project was released. We believe that next-generation blockchains like IoTeX will mould the IoT industry unleashing the possibilities of blockchain technology. Metanyx are committed to building the IoTeX ecosystem.


Stuart (Founder)
Technical heavyweight with vast experience of transactional platforms. He has worked as a independent consultant for a variety of Financial, Legal, Telco and Government clients.
Sean (Founder)
Sean is unquestionably one of the most talented Software Engineers around. Sean holds an MBA.

Tech Setup

Metanyx will utilize a distributed Google Compute Engine Deployment. The Compute instance will utilize StackDriver to monitor realtime logs and generate alerts, additional endpoint monitoring and application healthcheck scripts to check health will be deployed to ensure instance availability on the IoTeX network. Standard monitoring of CPU/Memory/Storage will also be utilized for capacity management. A fully synchronized standby server will be available to automatically take over if the primary fails. Servers will be running Centos 7 minimal utilizing Docker Containers to run iotex-core. Prometheus and Grafana will be configured to monitor blockchain metrics.

Server Specs

  • High Availability Server deployment
  • Processor: 4 Core Intel Skylake (2.4+ GHz)
  • Memory : 16 GB
  • Data: Scaled up as necessary
  • Network: 10Gbit

Servers will be scaled upped further if additional capacity is required.

Community Plan

Metanyx will be an active role within the IoTeX community supporting users and developers to unleash the power of IoTeX blockchain. Metanyx has years of experience running high availability platforms as well as developing complex distributed applications. Metanyx will use its expertise to grow the IoTeX ecosystem.

Metanyx will explore the possibility of integrating IoT devices with the IoTeX blockchain with specific focus on:

  • Data Privacy (Smart Phones, Smart Devices)
  • Integration of Oracles to trigger smart contracts on third party data feeds
  • IoT integrations to Android, Raspberry Pi, SOC
  • Smart Home/Business IoT integration
  • GPS based device integration

Reward Distribution Plan

  • 100% of Epoch Bonus rewards

Payout frequency is every 100 epochs (~4 days). Every Epoch (1 hour) has reward of 18,750 IOTX for all voters. Metanyx shares 100% of these rewards distributed based on your network vote percentage. For example if you hold 1% of the network vote you will receive 187.5 IOTX.

We have always paid within 24 hours of every 100 Epochs which you can verify at using the following Reward address in etherscan.

Reward Address = 0x2e0491b4925ebc82af97def12b72ead940613293