United Kingdom A community-first delegate run by an IoTeX community leader, dedicated to adding value to the IoTeX network, helping it to enable the internet of trusted things.

We are iotxplorer. An open source collective dedicated to adding value to the IoTeX network. We pride ourselves on operating with integrity and being fair, transparent, and rewarding to the community.

The founder of iotxplorer is Jason James (whom many in the community will know under pseudonyms of Kits or Cryptweeter). Jason is a chemical-engineer-turned-computer-scientist who switched career paths after being captivated by DLT and cryptocurrency. He is currently responsible for the development of the iotxplorer block explorer and staking dashboard. Jason was one of the very first IoTeX Brand Ambassadors and since the beginning has formed a good relationship with the IoTeX core team and community through many different avenues, often operating behind the scenes alongside his day-to-day job.

Our mission is best summarised by our 4 goals:

  • Always add value
  • Legitimize cryptocurrency (Education)
  • Reduce risk (Transparency)
  • Provide real utility (Technology)

We plan to achieve our mission by continuing and improving upon what we’ve already started. The bulk of our rewards pool will go towards funding IoTeX network development and pushing the crypto community forward. Starting with the block explorer, iotxplorer aims to be the hub for all things IoTeX and a place for the diverse talents of the IoTeX community to come together and build something wonderful.

Please read our full introduction to the community here:


Iotxplorer is presently managed solely by the founder, Kits. However, we are an open source community. Anyone with the skills and enthusiasm to contribute, can contribute. We are always recruiting and welcome any bright and enthusiastic minds to contribute to our codebase and help us add value to the IoTeX network. Join our telegram group for more information.

Tech Setup

Primary server and standby servers cloud-based in two different geographical locations to allow for redundancy in the event of a region failure. 100Gbps connection speed, 4 cores and 8gb DDR4 RAM. Proxy servers are utilised to prevent network attacks. In the event of a failure of both cloud servers we own a bare metal server ready to be deployed with 8 cores intel i7 8700k, 32gb RAM and a high end nvidea GPU.

Community Plan

As a community-based delegate the community is extremely important to us and is the center of all our ideation. Having been a part of the IoTeX community from the very start and being founded by one of the very first official Community Leaders, we are well in tune with the needs of the community and what is expected of us. To continue in the IoTeX Foundation’s spirit of strong community building, we plan to put most of our rewards back into developing the IoTeX community and ecosystem. Community building will represent at minimum 10% of our reward pool and will be used for things such as:

  • Organising meet-ups in areas local to IoTeX community members in universities
  • Hosting community reward campaigns to provide rewards on top of the 87% we will already provide to our voters
  • Award grants and scholarships to outstanding individuals who display a passion for and a commitment to IoTeX in their work
  • Funding dApp research, development and deployment
  • And much more!

Reward Distribution Plan

% of epoch bonus reward you will redistribute to voters: 87%

Payout frequency (i.e., every day, 3 days, week): Twice a week. Wednesday and Sunday.

Your plans for other rewards (i.e., voters, infrastructure, dApp funds, profit):

We give our voters 87% of our rewards for ranking in the top 100, and use the consensus rewards to cover operating costs. The remaining 13% along with any surplus from operating cost cover will be used to add value to the IoTeX community, primarily used as software development funding. Any changes to the plan whatsoever will always be shared on our official channels and will never affect balances already promised from previous epochs.

We have already developed a tool where all of our voters can track every single reward they have with us, along with a live calculator for your ROI estimate – visit