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USA Build IoT network in a decentralized world powered by a privacy-centric blockchain
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CPC is an elite startup venture club, founded by Stanford affiliates. We empowers people with big dreams, ideas and a desire to pitch, and aims to build an elite community of Stanford Alumni and San Francisco Bay Area’s top talents.. 4-year community management experience enables us to make IoTeX a prosperous ecosystem. CPC currently has more than 2,000 members, 164 companies in the field of AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Fintech, Healthcare, and Enterprise, raised over $646M. In 2018, CPC community fund invested 10+ tech focused blockchain companies including IoTeX, Algorand, Oasis Labs, Nucypher, Celer etc. In the meanwhile, CPC organized more than 1000 developers to engage in discussions with world renowned crypto experts, including Turing award winner Professor Diffie, co-founder and CEO of IoTeX Raullen Chai, Professor Dawn Song from UC Berkeley, Zcash CTO Nathan Wilcox, Ethereum lead developer Jon Choi, Cofounder and CEO of Tendermint Jae Kwon etc. The world top crypto exchange Binance was first introduced into the U.S. by CPC in March, 2018.


Bril Wang

Advisor of Stanford DTI and Cryptic Labs. Founder of Cardinal Pitch Club. 4+ years of experience in blockchain and cryptography.

Marco Lorenzon

President of Cardinal Pitch Club. Marco is an undergraduate studying Economics. He’s helped run a startup accelerator in Michigan, was a fellow at True Ventures, worked on the Strategy team of Impossible Foods, and did investment banking at JP Morgan, covering clients in the technology industry.

Bruno Yoshimura

Vice President of Cardinal Pitch Club. Web entrepreneur since 2001, backed by Accel Partners and Kaszek Ventures. Passionate about building ventures, creating teams and investing in early-stage entrepreneurs.

Mahak Garg

Vice President of Cardinal Pitch Club. An electronics and communications engineer and now a second year student at GSB, Mahak worked as a fixed income structurer and portfolio manager (youngest) before joining her 20 years old family business.

Erhan Eren

Vice President of Cardinal Pitch Club. Erhan has over a decade of experience in corporate leadership, technology management, business development and marketing for both Fortune 500 Corporation and Startups.

Sean Li

Vice President of Cardinal Pitch Club. Sean is currently a co-terminal master’s student at Stanford majoring in Management Science & Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. He is interested in entrepreneurship and venture capital and is currently working on a venture investing project in the fintech space with Citi Ventures. Previously, he has worked at J.P.Morgan in Asset Management as a Technology Analyst and at Visa Inc. as a Risk and UX intern.

Tech Setup


•Server: primary server and backup server running IoTeX software (both with firewall)

•Memory: 16 GB of RAM

• Local Storage: 4 TB SSD

• CPU: 64-bit

• Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHz each)

• Network: 100 MB/sec Software

• Linux: Debian Stretch

• Go-lang: 1.10.x

• Tools: Monitoring and alerting tools

Community Plan

As the strategic partner of IoTeX, we are devoted to make it the world biggest platform for IoT devices. Our community will deeply cooperate with Stanford in the future application of IoT, hosting global meetings in Stanford. If you are interested in connecting and collaborating with us, we are glad to communicate with each of you whether in Stanford, or via email. Our community aims to connect every corner of the world through IoT. So our plans include hosting global meetups, engaging marketing campaign, developing Dapp, etc.

Reward Distribution Plan

We will distribute 90% of our epoch rewards to our voters. 5% of the total rewards will be used to maintain our server. The remaining reward will be used to develop CPC_IoTeX community. We will distribute the rewards to voters weekly.