IoTeXTeam *
Italy IoTexTeam is your delegation service for Iotex: a safe, easy and fast way to earn more Iotex 24 hours per day, all days.
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

IoTexTeam is part of StakingTeam Project – a service that let your cryptocurrencies work for you and gain any hour, any day. We are a dedicated delegation service with years of experience, with a strong commitment to IoTex.

Thanks to our strong investment, we will be part of the restricted circle of the Consensus Delegates: this means a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of extra reward for our voters. We work closely with IoTeX core - helping the bootstrap of the main net in the kickoff phase. With us, your votes will gain an extra share from the first block!

We believe in transparency and communication: we share everything with our delegators, thanks to a dedicated assistance on our Telegram Channel 24h per day. We invested strongly in this coin, and we are here to stay! Join the Team, delegate, and relax: we will work for you.

As we love to say: “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. Followed by Staking”


Our team is dedicated to cryptocurrencies 24 hours per day. This isn’t our part time hobby, it’s our world! The three founders are Giulio Astarita, a former executive in gaming industry that fell in love with cryptocurrencies and Proof of Stakes, willing to create the next-gen service for delegations; Gianpaolo Eramo, Master Degree in finance, passionate about game theory and monetary policies;, and Alberto, a trader with a decade of experience who in the last 3 years has studied the cryptocurrency world thoroughly and decided to devote himself entirely to the PoS coins.

Few months after the beginning Andrea Torrente joined StakingTeam. Andrea is the tech soul of the StakingTeam project with several years of experience in managing networks, applications and services with a high availability, scalability and security requirements.

We also have many part-time members that are helping us on marketing, web design, social media management and smart contract creation.

Tech Setup

StakingTeam is a DPoS operator already experienced on building and managing nodes for decentralized PoS protocols. Validator node tasks such as peers connectivity, blocks validation, signing operations and service/administrative functions are splitted, where applicable, in order to improve performance and security.

StakingTeam take all needed measures to prevent and avoid negative impact on block production and validation process in case of a malicious actions. Management access to our nodes is allowed only for whitelisted ip on non standard port and require Multi-Factor authentication. Secured and geographically distributed data backup, custom built script for real-time monitoring and alerting offer a very high quality service for all stakeholders.

IoTeX nodes configuration:

  • Front Nodes Primary and Backup on dedicated hardware hosted in 2 different Tier 4 datacenter
  • Cpu 64bit Octa-Core 3,4GHz each
  • 64Gb ram
  • 500GB NVMe SSD disk for OS
  • 1~4TB NVMe SSD disk for iotex stuffs and blockchain db
  • Firewall and Arbor protection against layer 3,4 and 7 DDoS attacks

Back-end / Signing Node (where applicable)

  • Private nodes are able to comunicate only with front nodes through a private vlan connection
  • HSM for signing operations (where applicable)

Service Nodes

  • At least 1 service node for alert and monitor tools, accounting operations, dashboard, etc.

Community Plan

IoTexTeam founders have many years of community management, that’s why we aim to build a strong, active community. Not only by informing our delegators regarding the project or by sharing relevant information, but also with dedicated promotions and activities. And of course with a very generous rewarding plan!

Reward Distribution Plan

Early voters promo! All our early voters will pay just 5% fee for the first 1680 epochs. We will distribute anything - epoch bonus, foundation bonus and even block rewards. Join the best delegate - Join the Team!