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Homotopic & DraperDragon
USA Make IoTeX the best IOT blockchain.

Homotopic is a company that solves business problems through distributed systems and provides distributed business consulting services to customers. Homotopic is based on the issues that can be solved now, not the dreams that can be realized in the future, so it is fundamentally different from other blockchain companies. Homotopic's solution is based on kubernetes Blockchain system testing framework, distributed crowdsourcing solution, distributed economic simulation tools based on Matlab. Homotopic's partners are Ontology, Evolab and Babelchain.

DraperDragon Innovation Fund is a core member of Draper Venture Network, and mainly focus on investing in US - China cross border startups. DraperDragon currently manages several RMB, USD, and Digital currency funds. In the blockchain sector, DraperDragon participated in the early investment of VeChain, Aelf, IoTeX, Ledger, Telegram, and etc.


Qi Chen - Co-founder of Homotopic and Ruff
He has many years of experience in distributed system development. He designed and developed Ruff Network which is a mesh network protocol for heterogeneous Internet of Things.

Yang Qinrong - Co-founder of Homotopic
He is an expert in algorithm research and development, he has participated in the design and development of Ads System in Baidu Inc, and has high-performance data distribution system working experience.

Tech Setup

Server: primary server and backup server running IoTeX software (both with firewall)

Memory: 16 GB of RAM (32 GB preferred)

Local Storage: 4 TB SSD

CPU: 64-bit

Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHz each)

Network: 100 MB/sec

Community Plan

We wish to connect with the great technical developers in the IoTeX community and listen to their innovation ideas. We also want to discover more excellent and interesting applications on IoTeX. Integrating resources, helping enterprises know more about IoTeX, and make IoTeX great.

Reward Distribution Plan

By voting for Homotopic & DraperDragon, 80% of the epoch bonus rewards we receive will be shared with you proportionally to your vote weight. We will use the rest of the reward to cover the cost of our website, servers, software development, staff, and our efforts in promoting IoTeX.

We would recommend staking your tokens for as long as you are willing, to maximize the number of votes you can cast. This not only helps to achieve a more stable environment for the network by locking down IoTeX tokens but also yields voters higher returns as the Delegates rewards are usually shared based on the vote weight.

80% - for voters

10% - maintain infrastructure

10% - develop global IoTeX community