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Founded by Simone (@zimne), an early IoTeX supporter, IoTeX│LAB aims to be the reference place for those who want to learn about IoTeX technology, not only providing learning resources, tools and tutorials, but also increasing project awareness by presenting IoTeX key technologies at industry events, and organizing local meetups.


Simone (@zimne)

Master Degree in Computer Science (spec. in Automation and Industrial Robotics). CEO at Sortec srl, over 12 years of experience in machine vision for industrial applications, 4 industrial patents, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager at IoTeX, Technology & Blockchain Enthusiast

Tech Setup

2 x Dedicated Servers located in different countries with following specs:

CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-9900K - 8 cores / 16 threads - 3,6GHz RAM: 64GB DDR4 @ 2666 MHz DISK: 2 x NVMe SSD with RAID 1 redoundancy NETWORK: 1 GBit/s Guaranteed

DDoS Protection: Round-the-clock protection against all types of DDoS attack, without any limitations in terms of volume or duration

Network availability: min. 99.9%

Community Plan

I’ve been IoTeX Brand Ambassador since July 2018, and I fully believe in the IoTeX vision. I came over the IoTeX Whitepaper in March 2018 by chance: as an IT and Industrial Engineer for me that was love at first sight! From that moment on I've been one of the most active users in the IoTeX community: I've been constantly learning about the IoTeX technology, and helping all community members, educating and informing them about IoTeX advanced features every day.

IoTeXLAB is my way to further support the IoTeX project and community with more explainer videos and tutorials, organizing meetups and, most importantly, presenting IoTeXkey technologies at industry events, to promote IoTeX awareness and adoption. IoTeXLAB is also a community on Telegram, where everyone, can get direct support and clear explanations about IoTeX features, and discuss ideas and future initiatives.

Reward Distribution Plan

85% of the rewards for ranking in the Top 100 delegates ("epoch bonus") will be shared among IoTeXLAB voters.

5% Extra reward will be shared until official token swap (expected by Q3 2019).

The remaining rewards will be used to cover infrastructure costs, and fund initiatives to support IoTeX adoption.