IoTeX Core *
Russia IoTeX Core is a team of like-minded individuals, that will promote the concept, advanced solutions and technologies of the IoTeX blockchain platform.
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

The Internet of Things is becoming a tool, that is able to solve specific business problems for various industries in a fast, cost-effective and scalable way. Our task is to assist in attracting developers and companies to the IoTeX platform and to ensure that it becomes a key tool for developing IoT applications and services, combining physical objects and the network using blockchain technologies.


Sergey Romanov - Co-founder
Community Manager, IoTeX Ambassador, Graphic Designer, Blockchain Enthusiast; extensive experience in analyzing and investing in blockchain projects.
Dobrodel - Co-founder
Web Developer, code analysis & review, IoTeX Ambassador, Community Manager, Blockchain analyst-researcher

Tech Setup

Server: primary server and backup both with firewall
Memory: 32 GB of RAM
Local storage: 4 TB SSD
CPU: 64-bit
Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHZ each)
Network: 100 MB/sec

Community Plan

We will support and reward supporters who not only support us by voting, but also bring in new ideas, use cases and practical help for IoTeX. We will organize platforms where you can share your experience, discuss the relevance and implementation of various IoT and blockchain ideas.

To familiarize the community and crypto enthusiasts about the IoTeX project and its features, the IoTeX Core team will conduct various competition, quizzes, lotteries to encourage active participation in the network.

Reward Distribution Plan

90% of rewards to voters including Epoch Bonus and IoTeX Foundation Bonus. We also have an additional reward in VITA tokens depending on your votes.

Payout frequency - every 100 epoch (~ 4 days).

Reward Distribution address is 0x994DA984bC7406F4691dc6A30E550270B0822B0B