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Infinity Stones
USA Fueling IoTeX Blockchain Beyond Infinity

Infinity Stones is a Silicon Valley based technology company that specializes in both cloud management platform and cybersecurity protections for blockchains. We have experiences running nodes for EOS, Tron, Tezos, Ontology, VeChain, and more.

We use hybrid cloud deployment to ensure redundancy, and our in-house developed, patent-pending technologies to safeguard private keys and to provide the most secure services for the blockchain.


Our core team is comprised of senior engineers, economists, and business leaders from established companies in the hi-tech and investment industries such as Google, Oracle, Intel, and UBS Investment Bank.

Tech Setup

Server: One master and one slave deployed in US and Europe region. Both servers are running IoTeX software (both with firewall).
Memory: 16 GB of Ram
Local Storage: 4TB SSD
CPU: 64-bit
Processor: 8 cores
Network: 100 MB/sec

Our tech setup is elastic to the need of the network. We will upgrade the components when their performance is deemed unsatisfactory.

Community Plan

As an Official Technical Partner, Infinity Stones will work closely with the IoTeX team to perfect the performance of the whole network. We welcome all communications with open arms and will do our best to help our community members with technical difficulties in operating a healthy node. We will utilize our expertise in operating nodes on decentralized networks to help IoTeX thrive in 2019.
We will also utilize our business resources to seek potential business application on IoTeX and contribute to the effort to spread IoTeX’s influences.

Reward Distribution Plan

1 100% epoch bonus + 100% foundation bonus + 100% block rewards will be distributed to the voters. (July 1 - July 31). After that, 75% epoch bonus + 75% foundation bonus will be distributed to the voters.

2 Payout frequency - every day. We pay mainnet tokens.

We are the Super Nodes of EoS, Tron, Ontology, Vechain, and GxChain. Our team are also actively serving in other PoS chains such as Tezos, Irisnet, and Cosmos. We are Official Technical Partner of IoTeX!