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Whales Capital
China Let IoTeX become the key to Blockchain entering the world of IoT

Whales Capital is a professional Venture Capital fund which mainly focuses on Blockchain. We are seeking companies or projects with big market, leading technology and talented team. We believe in value investment and empowerment investment. We grow together with the projects we invested and provide a lot of resources for them after investment.


Leo Li
Received his Ph.D. degree in microelectronics from Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is mainly focusing on TMT and Blockchain. Leo is the founding partner of Whales Capital and he is also one of the active delegates of LISK and OXY.

Zhiwen Xu
CEO of a blockchain company which focuses on blockchain development, has six years’ experience in cryptocurrency world. He is an early stage holder of ETH, NEO and LISK. He is also the one of the active delegates of LISK and OXY.

Tech Setup

Whales will provide primary server and backup server to run IoTeX software.
The memory will not be below 32GB, local SSD storage will not be below 4 TB.
To make sure the whole network is stable, we will ensure our network is 100 MB/sec.

Linux: Debian Stretch
Go-lang: 1.10.x

Technical support
Whales will also provide Node monitoring and on-call support to ensure 99.9% uptime, with failover, timely system updates, and fault handling.

Community Plan

Node Security and Efficiency
Whales builds industry-leading standards, including IP table rules for white and black listing, configurations for the VPN and data encapsulation, so that QoS, traffic filtering, protection from attack and priority-queuing can be easily implemented.

Experienced Operations
Whales deploys a combination of in-house servers and cloud services to ensure a high degree of node availability and scalability. We implement all-weather around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of the servers, prevent unauthorized access, remain vigilant against performance degradation or failure, and employ a multi-layered protection strategy against potential attacks to ensure secure and stable operations for the nodes.

Rich Resources
In addition to investors and geeks, the Whales community has gained resources of a number of listed companies in mainland China and Hong Kong. With our edges in funding, technology, and policy understanding, we are able to provide strong support for implementation and realization of IoTeX enterprise-level applications and scenarios.

Reward Distribution Plan

Bonus:Whales will run a full node of the IoTeX network. Any supporters who vote for Whales node will gain the bonus rewards. We will share 85% of Epoch Bonus to our voters in proportion to your votes cast. We are also planning to develop a bonus system to distribute your bonus to your account automatically every week! Our ERC-20 address is: 0x77cf19c7812b8F3Cb5317Fe643083FcBD1CA0779