USA The No-Compromise Delegate for the IoTeX community powered by our mathematically optimal network.

Droute is offering the IoTex community the optimal route to win block rewards, manage network complexity when running multiple nodes and to maintain an alway-on, reliable network - no losing out on token rewards due to network outage!

This No-Compromise Delegate is powered by DRoute - a revolutionary advancement in block propagation speed and reliability, first being deployed on the IoTeX network.

Our technology lets us deliver a turnkey global autonomous backbone that energizes the IoTeX network with blocks propagating at the theoretical limit, without sacrificing decentralization, anonymity or security.

At its core, DRoute is driven by a Cornell packet network control breakthrough, implemented by MIT technologists, and proven and embraced by global service providers and the National Science Foundation.

Our technology is matched by our business team which brings deep entrepreneurial and blockchain experience. We hope you choose DRoute.


dRoute brings a world class team to the IoTeX network. Our founders have launched, grown and exited more than a dozen technology ventures over the last 20 years. We are currently partnered to bring the dRoute technology stack and associated delegation services to life and are excited to launch our first public implementation on the IoTeX network.

Tech Setup

dRoute is powered by dRoute technology. dRoute is the Blockcycle Data Engine, for all blockchains, powering the decentralized world with the only global dNode network end-to-end data routing, sensing, collecting and analysis optimised for blockchain.

The dRoute solution is driven by the Routing, Sensing and Oracle dNodes, providing blockchain-era innovators the fastest path to real world use at global scale:

  • Private blockchain projects- the consistent and reliable, SLA backed global network.
  • Miners and validators- block production competitive advantage by data sensing and performance delivery .
  • Blockchain developers and dApps- the tools for optimal UX and real world usability and connectivity through data collection and cutting edge analysis.

dRoute will open source dNodes for deployment around the globe- Enhancing decentralisation.

At its core, dRoute is driven by a Cornell packet network control breakthrough algorithm, implemented by MIT technologists, and proven and embraced by global service providers and the National Science Foundation.

dRoute.Capital Tech Setup:

2-core system with 8GB RAM and Docker images on EC2 or GCE

Community Plan

The IoTeX ecosystem will grow based on the number of number of passionate enthusiasts we are able to attract to the project. One of the best ways to attract talented development teams is to provide a rock solid consensus layer that delivers always-on, no-compromise network infrastructure so that blocks are produced on time with low latency and high security. This is what dRoute brings to the table.

Our engineers have spent years building a new networking layer specifically to insure optimal block propagation. This network, with our Routing and Sensing dNodes, sits below the traditional internet and features an optimally architected, algorithmically driven, super secure alternative network. Like the best of blockchains, control of the network is fully decentralized and privacy optimized so that each network participant can chose when and where to improve their block throughput, security and privacy.

dRoute has proven its benefits of this new networking infrastructure, becoming one of the top chosen delegates on the IoTeX network, and is opening up the technology for all other IoTeX delegates that want to take advantage of it. We are excited to partner, collaborate and connect with all token holders, delegates and tech nodes in the community. If you are interested to connect with us we would love to meet up in person, on email or via phone call (if you are in San Francisco let us know - coffee is on us!)

Join our dRoute blog on Medium to keep up with all our latest updates and stories. We will also keep you posted on dRoute.Capital Telegram channel @dRouteCapital for all of our delegate community news.

Reward Distribution Plan

% of epoch bonus reward you will redistribute to voters - 85%.

Payout frequency (i.e., every day, 3 days, week) - every 2 weeks.

Your plans for other rewards (i.e., voters, infrastructure, dApp funds, profit) we plan to distribute all rewards received to our voters in the same manner as epoch rewards.

After our launch promotion of 100% rewards (ended on epoch 2500), we are redistributing 85% of all rewards generated each epoch to our voters. We are most interested in building a large set of energized delegators who want to take advantage of the returns that our best in class technology will yield. Over time, we suspect that the growth in the value of IOTX - in part because of the success of our infrastructure - will more than compensate us for our efforts on serving this chain.