China HASHBUY - Creating the first Decentralized Marketplace

HASHBUY is the first decentralized marketplace and loyalty rewards program that enables data transparency between Sellers & Shoppers. Powered by the IoTeX Token and Wallet, which gives shoppers control of their personal data, the HASHBUY marketplace empowers shoppers to monetize their data in direct transactions with sellers, trading personal insights for savings & rewards with every transaction.

HASHBUY will be enabling global smart devices producers and developers to build decentralized shopping experiences on the IOTEX network.


Li Bin - Founder
Founder of China’s largest cross-border marketing services platform.
Managing partner at Hofan Capital and top 10 angel investors in China.

Tech Setup


  • Server: primary server and backup running IoTeX software(both with firewall)
  • Memory : 32 GB of RAM
  • Local storage : 4 TB SSD
  • CPU : 64-bit
  • Processor : 16 cores (2.4 GHz each)
  • Network : 500 MB/sec

Community Plan

HASHBUY will be providing the community a real blockchain based marketplace where users can experience a complete decentralized and private shopping experience.

As a Consensus Delegate, we are dedicated to developing communities globally, motivating smart devices producers to join the network, and rewarding active users with giveaways and rewards points.

Reward Distribution Plan

  • 80% epoch bonus reward goes to voters (Thank you for your support!)
  • 10% maintain infrastructure
  • 10% develop global IoTex community

distribution address: 0x222eBE7e2D6E2fd023CC86337d6644bc304a59d1