IoTeX Geeks *
USA Sometimes crypto wallets can be confusing. Let's make it simple with a wallet made just for IoTeX! We here to develop a wallet for the community, an IoTeX wallet by the community for the community.
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

IoTeX Geeks is made up of developers who are seeking to run a stable node for IoTeX. We will also develop a wallet that is specific for the IoTeX network. The wallet will be an open source project and provide features specific to the IoTeX network. We hope the community will see the value the team will bring to the IoTeX network.


IoTeX Geeks is made up of developers who are experienced in developing for blockchain technology in the past. IoTeX Geeks is excited to make a wallet that the community can use.

Tech Setup

We plan to run stable nodes for the IoTeX network, the only way to achieve nodes having more than 99% up time is to have more than one node. One node will be in active mode while the second node will be in stand by mode ready to take over from main node if any failures are experienced.

Below you can find our expected hardware configuration:

Main Node

  • Location: Google Cloud
  • System: 12 cores, 16 GB RAM

Standby Node

  • Location: Google Cloud
  • System: 8 cores, 16 GB RAM

Community Plan

We really want to live by the motto of “IoTeX wallet by the community for the community” and make it as simple and secure as possible to interact with an IoTeX wallet. We therefore will engage with the community and take all requests for product features into consideration. The wallet will be open source and made for the community.

Reward Distribution Plan

Get rewarded for supporting the team while helping support the creation of the next community IoTeX wallet!

Re-distribution plan:

  • 80% to voters
  • 10% to cover developer costs
  • 10% to cover HW/Ops costs