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AlphaCoin Fund
Singapore & USA We are dedicated to actively cooperate with IoTeX, to accelerate the utilization of blockchain technology in the Internet of Things. We believe that AlphaCoin Fund and IoTeX will secure a place in the future blockchain society.

AlphaCoin Fund is a venture capital fund focused on investing blockchain technology and tokens. Since 2017, AlphaCoin has invested in over 50 leading blockchain technology projects both at home and abroad, with a total investment amount in exceed of 60 million USD. Among the investment portfolio, there is BASIS, a stable coin project that was co-invested by top-tier venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz and Bain Capital; and there is IOST, which was co-invested by Sequoia Capital, etc.

Our investment team consists of professionals from Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Singapore and Silicon Valley. Their backgrounds cover traditional and crypto venture capital investing, blockchain technology and crypto exchange operations. Our investment team is capable of comprehensively assessing blockchain projects based on their technology know-how, engineering capability,business model soundness, and team competency.

As a venture capital fund focusing on investment in blockchain technology, AlphaCoin has founded strategic partnerships with both top-tier venture capital institutions such as Zhen Fund, Sequoia Capital, Danhua Capital, etc and service providers. With its connections in the blockchain industry, AlphaCoin has been long dedicated to building an orbicular industry chain with its partners, so as to provide value-added services such as technology assistance, business development advising, marketing, partnership building and exchange listing consulting to the companies we’ve invested.


Frank Mo - Co-Founder of AlphaCoin Fund
Previously worked in Binance, the world’s biggest crypto currency exchanger, mainly responsible for the launch of Binance Info. Frank graduated from Tsing Hua University with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Wilson Qiu
Founder of GalaxyChainVentures, providing consulting services to crypto asset investments. Previously worked in IBD of Citigroup. Weishen graduated from Kellogg Business School with an MBA degree.

Tux Ding
PhD in Computer Science at Cornell University, B.Sc. in Computer Science from Tsinghua University. Former software engineer at Google, Two Sigma, and Alibaba; researcher at Bell Labs and NEC Labs. Contributor to Linux kernel and etcd; early contributor to the blockchain community.

Jacob Zho
Serial entrepreneur. Founder of GEPOWER, focusing on industrial innovation in the field of electric tools, obtained funding worth of over 10 million USD. Previously worked in BOSCH.

Lianqiang M
Co-founder of Xansfer quantitative fund. Previously worked in Wyre, a unicorn blockchain company in Bay Area. Lianqiang graduated from Tsinghua University and Johns Hopkins University.

CuiChong Jia
Founder of Singapore Topology Foundation, previously graduated from Nanyang Technology University with a Doctoral degree in Physics. Guichong has accumulated profound investment knowledge in blockchain industry since 2016.

Tech Setup


  • Server: primary server and backup server running IoTeX software (both with firewall)
  • Memory: 16 GB of RAM (32 GB preferred)
  • Local Storage: 4 TB SSD
  • CPU: 64-bit
  • Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHz each)
  • Network: 100 MB/sec


  • Linux: Debian Stretch
  • Go-lang: 1.10.x
  • Tools: Monitoring and alerting tools


  • Node monitoring and on-call support
  • 99.9% uptime, with failover and data backup across geolocations
  • Preventative measures for security
  • Support frequent software updates

Community Plan

As one the of early investors of IoTeX, we firmly believe in joint efforts and sustainable development. We plan to provide needed support in terms of community building and utilization business, as AlphaCoin Fund is well connected in the blockchain society and industry chain linkage, such as:

  • Birise Wallet, which is leading invested by AlphaCoin Fund can connect to the mainnet of IoTeX, and bring attention and users to IoTeX
  • Card-installed hardware wallet can be used as a souvenir gift for promotion events
  • BPOP that AlphaCoin also leading invested in has already acquired high quality user community. IoTex can work with BPOP on community building.

Reward Distribution Plan

We’ll return 80% of the revenue to voters who support AlphaCoin Fund. And the top ranked voters will be rewarded with the card-installed hardware wallet from AlphaCoin Fund.