Brazil To provide reliable services for the formation of the largest decentralized IoT network.

IoTASK is a community founded by a multidisciplinary team of developers with extensive academic and professional experience in industrial automation, telemetry, hardware and embedded systems.

Our main goal is to add value to the IoTeX ecosystem through hard work and attention to the community.


We are mainly formed of engineers from the industrial sector, passionate about technology and blockchain enthusiasts.

Core Team:
PI1 CEO&CTO -> Master in Power Electronics, has industrial automation background. Acted as head of research developing several hardwares and RTOS dedicated to industrial automation and telemetry. He has extensive experience in field networks and blockchain implementation. Currently held a professor position of industrial automation undergrad at the university.

PI2 CFO & COO -> MBA in business management, has industrial automation background and acted as projects manager for companies in the Energy and Telecommunication field, currently dedicated to developing new blockchain solutions

Here are some interesting projects which our team have worked on:

  • Integration of a billing system for public transportation, including online ticket issuance and fleet tracking, making available to users the estimated time of routes and stops, working toward the smart cities concept.
  • Leading researches in the power electronics field, developing new control techniques for industrial actuators using digital signal processors (DSP) and intelligent algorithms.
  • Hardware projects for industrial automation using rtOS for monitoring and controlling process variables
  • Deploy and maintain several dPos nodes, providing solution for several decentralized applications.
  • Implementation of IoT Gateways and devices for environment monitoring.

Tech Setup

Initially, to ensure a high availability, we will be running with 2 nodes (master and backup) in different zones of the globe, with the following specification:

  • CPU: 16 cores
  • RAM: 32GB
  • SSD: 800GB
  • Network: 10Gbps

We plan to monitor the main server load, upgrading processor and memory as required by the network, ensuring that the server does not exceed 70% of the hardware capacity.

As the network organically grows, we will be monitoring the servers calls by regions to identify demands for add servers with the aims of reduce latency between parties and provide a high quality service.

We take the development and network upgrade very seriously. We will review the code and intensively test in our personal test environment all the required codes updates for delegate nodes. In this way you will be protecting your assets and ensuring network security.

Community Plan

Our goals go beyond operating as an IoTeX network delegate. We will be investing to take IoTeX to the next level, publishing advertising material, disseminating the network knowledge, developing online and presidential courses, performing meet ups around the globe, and also, what we do best, produce technical content. Here are a few projects we have in line:

  • Easy to use API for developers
  • Block explorer
  • Create group specific sub-chains
  • Developing gateways to integrate hardware with the IoTeX blockchain
  • Bring real world IoT applications to the community
  • Work towards integration with the most well-known IoT development platform

We are open to new ideas, let us know what you think!

Reward Distribution Plan

Elected IoTeX Delegates will be receiving rewards from producing blocks, these rewards will be used to cover infrastructure costs. Currently we are sharing 80% of the rewards (less expenses) amongst our voters.

The vote information received will be accounted in our database, and the distribution to voters will be executed automatically on a monthly basis. An interactive website will be made available so that the voters can track all the rewards.

A percentage of the rewards will be directed to execute interesting projects for the ecosystem. Voters will be encouraged to reinvest in our team's projects, with possibility of gaining shares.

The information available here could change, our twitter and telegram channel will be used to announce if they any change occur.