Ukraine & Germany To Support IoTeX and help it realize its full potential.

CryptoLions is best known for work as a block producer in the EOS community. Their efforts to support the EOS community include curation of the popular Jungle Testnet.

We are excited by the promise of IoTeX, and the potential to bridge these two innovative communities and technologies.


Bohdan Kossak - Founder, IT, Strategy
Head of IT, Ericpol (acquired by Ericsson)
Runner up, All-Ukrainian Olympiad in informatics
BettingBlocks, Block777, BTC Miner Prediction Lotteries, BTC Block Explorer (> 15 M visitors)
LTC & BTC Mining Operations

Roman Skaskiw - Co-Founder, Strategy, Communications
Ukraine & U.S.A.
Stanford University Comp Sci
CTO, Atlantic Group
Libertarian Author (, DA)
Bitcoin vs Gold (2013)
BettingBlocks, Block777, BTC Miner Prediction Lotteries, BTC Block Explorer
Asset buy-back on

Sudip Banerjee - Operations, Business Development
Ukraine & India
CTO, IT Infrastructure and Corporate surveillance systems, ITX security LLC
Deployed IT Projects in Ukraine, UAE, Germany
Sales, Deployment and MRO of Security systems to Banking and Oil Industries
Security Audit, Arcelor Mittal

Tech Setup

Intel Core i7-8700 Hexa-Core,
HD: 2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD (upgrade possible any time)
(Software RAID 1)
Connection: 1 GBit/s port
Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s

Community Plan

  • Be among the most reliable, responsive delegates on the IoTeX ecosystem.
  • Promote IoTeX to the community of talented developers in Eastern Europe.
  • Introduce IoTeX to European Enterprises through the Europe Chain initiative.
  • Identify and realize high impact projects that demonstrate the potential of IoTeX.

Reward Distribution Plan

First Priority: IT Costs. We anticipate these will be no more than a few thousand dollars, or even less in the first months after the main chain launches.

Second Priority: Rewarding our supporters. We will strive to return 70% of rewards to our voters.

Third Priority: Building tools, demos, and other projects to bolster the IoTeX eco-system.