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USA IOTX Trusted Delegate Service
说明 creates the first fully decentralized stable cryptocurrency backed by computation and competitive price of electricity, which historically is more stable than any fiat currencies in the world. Our founder was one of the early supporters for IOTEX. We believe the technical capability and the commitment of the IOTEX team to the crypto space. We would like to work with the IOTEX in the long run. To foster the bootstrap of the IOTEX mainnet, we would like to provide delegate service to the IOTEX community. All the rewards (including block and epoch rewards) will be distributed to the stake holder on pro rata basis. As the proof of value consensus of is a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake system, we have expertise to operate the service at scale efficiently


The operation team consisted of engineers each have more than 15 years of experience at Cisco, Huawei, and Google.


CPU: 8 core
STORAGE: 1TB SSD disk wi ll expand based on demand
NETWORK: 100 MB/sec up to 10Gbps


We would like to remove any frictions for the IOTEX community to participate the staking process and provide the most reliable and cost effective staking solution.


90% to the voters
10% for HW/Ops costs

PLEASE BE AWARE: Due to operation and transaction fee overhead, the distribution will only be made to users who made more than 10,000 votes