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IoTeX Mainnet Baikal *
Russia Baikal Let's Build the Future of IoTeX Together
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

Our main goal is to bring the adoption of the IoTeX's technology and products to Russia and it's population. We believe we have everything what it takes to reach a global potential in order to nourish and expand IoTeX project.


Founder - Vladimir Skornyakov Vladimir always strives for continuous improvement both professionally and personally and always ready to help the IoTeX community to reach their dreams and goals.

Co-founder - Alexander Fomin specializes in PR, marketing and will be supporting community growth and promotion among the Russian-speaking communities.

Tech Setup

Hard Server: HP DL360-G6 24Gb Storage: 4 TB HDD Processor: 2.4 GHz (8 cores) Network: 100Mbit

Community Plan

We will strive towards popularizing IoTeX among the Russian-speaking community. We are a team of very strong tech specialists with a large technical base, administrative resources and support of our local governement.

Reward Distribution Plan

After epoch 1650 After discussion with IoTeX foundation we believe the reward structure for entire year does not achieve the right balance for voters to vote for other candidates who are actively contributing to the IoTeX ecosystem. As of epoch 1750 we will be modifying our reward structure

100% of Epoch Bonus rewards Payout frequency every 100 epochs (~4 days)

Epoch bonus has the following bonus structure based on mainnet stages, delegates are distributed these rewards based on percentage of vote. A voter will receive more only if the producer shares more percentage with them not by the fact the producer might have more overall vote on the network.

Phase 1: 12,500 IOTX per epoch (currently in Phase 1) Phase 2: 15,000 IOTX per epoch Phase 3: 18,750 IOTX per epoch An epoch is 1 hour long, 360 blocks are produced in an epoch, there are 24 random consensus delegates in an epoch, each should produce 15 blocks generating 240 IOTX