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ZH Capital
Australia (Melbourne), China (Shenyang) ZH Capital is a fully compliant and blooming capital firm, registered with ASIC and a strong focus on asset management, OTC trading, and Cryptocurrency.

ZH Capital is a young and blooming capital firm with a strong focus on asset management, OTC trading, and Cryptocurrency. Our core competency is providing liquidity as an options market-maker. Meaning we provide competitive quotes that we are willing to both buy and sell. To do this successfully we design and implement our own low latency technologies, trading strategies, and mathematical models.   Furthermore, we offer exclusive products which provide investors with simple, regulated and familiar ways to gain exposure to digital assets, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For example, our quantitative investment portfolio specializing in the systematic trading of cryptocurrencies. We trade a diverse set of strategies including market making, providing liquidity to the revolutionary and emerging token economy. As well as engaging in high-frequency trading, ZH Capital invests in blockchain-based assets that have strong fundamentals.   We believe that Transparency is the key. Thus, all of our portfolio performance and details are uploaded regularly. Including information such as market view, trading log, and more.   As One of Australia’s leading Blockchain Investment Company, ZH Capital has been operating in the crypto space since 2015. Located in the heart of Melbourne our team is filled with talented individuals from both Traditional Finance as well as Tech experts. For years we have been trusted by a selective group of clients to serve as a market maker, also providing them exposure to the crypto space in the most professional, transparent manner. Since establishment, ZH Capital is a fully compliant entity registered with the Australian Security and Investment Commission. We work closely with local governments, communities, blockchain companies, and exchanges. On top of that, we recently have a brand-new second office fully opened, operating in mainland China. Our relationship with IoTeX begun in late 2017, as a private investor we were moved by founder's vision and decided to participate in its early funding, and Today we are proud to announce our participation in its Delegate Program, continuing to provide our support to the network and ecosystem. Further details can be found on our official website at

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Core Team Member:

Founder (Melbourne) Zhuo Han (Scott) Double degree in Finance and International Business from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Charted Financial Analyst (CFA) Holder, Member of CFA Institute and Society. (Financial Planning Licence) RG 146 Compliant, Co-Founder of BitPass, Former Analyst at CollinStar Capital. 4+ Years of experience in Crypto market, 7+Years of experience in Traditional Finance. Operating Executive (Melbourne)

Leon Lau Master of Business Management (MBA) from MIT Sloan, Former Fund Manager at Blockchain Global Capital, Successful Entrepreneur, Angle Investor. 5+ Years of experience in Crypto Market, 15+ Years of experience in Management and traditional business Head of Asia Practice (China)

Sarah Wang Double degree in Finance and Economics from Melbourne University, Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Holder, Member of Global Association of Risk Professionals. Ex-Risk Management Associate (Europe Division) at James International. 3+ Years of experience in Crypto market, 4+ years in risk assessment and business development.

Chief Technician (Melbourne) William Sun Changchun University Graduate (Information and Science), Master of Applied Information Technology from Monash University, Microsoft Certified Professional (70-461). Former Developer at Dascom and Valleyarm Digital, ICT Sessional Lecture at Swinburn University. 7+ Years of Experience in IT and Coding. Blockchain Enthusiast.

Tech Setup

Our Data Centre Deployments have been run in AWS to date and we are currently in the middle of migration to BareMetal across two geographically separate locations, which is expected to be deployed in the next 4 weeks. High speed CPU cores, a large RAM footprint, 100Mbps Networking, Load balancing, DDoS mitigation, Segmented HA security and Internet feeds.

Hardware: Server and backup server running IoTeX software (With Firewall) Memory: 16GB of RAM Local Storage: 4 TB SSD CPU: 64-bit Processor: 8 core, 2.4 GHz each Network: 100Mbps Operation: . Node Monitoring and on call support . 99% up time, with failovers across geolocations (China and Sydney) . Preventative measures to guarantee security . Full team (3 members) dedicated to handle frequent software upgrade during the bootstrapping phase.

Community Plan

We feel strongly about contributing to the IoTeX ecosystem and being a focal point in rallying the Australasian IoTeX community

To effectively provide the block producer services required to support thousands of commercial scale DApps requires not only an agile enterprise scale infrastructure solution, but a mature operational structure to monitor, maintain and manage that infrastructure. Professional integrity, transparency, commitment, cooperation and independence are all characteristics that the IoTeX community can expect from ZHCapital. We believe our proven experience will inspire confidence in IoTeX stakeholders, DApp developers and IOT based blockchain businesses for the operation and governance of the blockchain, while supporting our region as a global member of the IoTeX community. Although based in Australia we aim to serve the entire ecosystem Ultimately ZH Capital can be considered as Good Actors and Excellent Custodians of the IoTeX- Mainnet and other side-chains soon to be launched. We have the required technical expertise, professionalism and infrastructure; we sponsor and support the best initiatives; we are upstanding members of the global community, highly visible and easily contactable; and we aim to make IoTex.IO the business-friendly platform is was built to be. A vote for ZH Capital is a vote for a positive inclusive future on IoTeX-Mainnet and sister/sidechains.

In addition to core block producer services, we add value to the overall IoTeX ecosystem by investing in our region and with global initiatives. For example:

  • Help to bootstrap a thriving local developer community through education, conferences and hackathons, while developing partnership with universities and business.
  • Actively participate in the Asia Pacific blockchain community, representing IoTeX, while promoting awareness and the opportunity with IoTeX to business, start-up and developer communities.
  • Support local enterprise, blockchain start-ups and DApp developers to understand the suitability IoTeX for their projects, offering advice and support.
  • Invest in global BP Operations, Governance, Architecture initiatives.
  • Be accessible to the IoTeX community and blockchain media. It must be stressed ZH Capital will always have core block producer and governance activities as it’s priority; any community service would simply be assessed by asking the question, “will this community activity provide a clear and direct benefit to the entire IoTeX ecosystem?”

Reward Distribution Plan

80% - For Voters Foundation Bonus AND Epoch Bonus (Thank you for your support!)

----10% - Maintain Infrastructure ----10% - Develop Australia IoTeX Community

We will be starting to distribute rewards EVERY 50 Epoch