Russia RKT8 - choose bright side of the moon!

What is RKT8? First of all, it is a close-knit team of crypto-enthusiasts, in charge of which is someone who was the first to tokenize media resources among the post-USSR countries - influencer and blogger Sergey Rad. RKT8 includes several channels on YouTube, VK and Telegram, all having leading positions in the crypto-related theme. In addition, the team is actively engaged in the development and testing of the robot-driven sources of income. Such as, the robot RKT8 which is the first of its kind, has introduced to the public the concept of mining in social networks.

The guys from RKT8 are not going to stop at the achieved heights, and if you look at their road map, there is still a lot of work to be done, including expansion to new markets in 2019, which is not an easy task. Solving unconventional and complex problems, as well as finding new opportunities, is the second nature for the RKT8 team.

Building a cohesive, strong community, and the subsequent relationship with it - it's their thing! But in fact, there are much more advantages. Among them, the development of each member of the community as a thinking investor, as well as highly profitable robotic investment tools (in-house development).


The team is always open to the community and actively communicates in Telegram chats and social networks and our staff consists of more than 30 people:

Co-founder of the project and Chief of the Team - Sergey Rad (Barnaul, Russia) - one of the most popular bloggers among the Russian-speaking community -

Co-founder and Chief for the Development of Robots - Kirill Zykov (Alma-ATA, Kazakhstan) -

Project Manager - Ivan Vorobiev (Moscow, Russia) -

As well as, contect writers, finance specialists in crypto, PR-managers, technical specialists, designers, programmers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Tech Setup

High Availability Server deployment Processor: Intel Xeon E5 2630v4 (10 x 2.20 GHz) Memory : 256 GB Storage: 6 TB Data: Unlimited Network: 500 Mbit

Servers will be scaled upped further if additional capacity is required.

Community Plan

Community development is something that we are able to do very well and are ready for a fruitful cooperation with IoTeX.

All of the solutions are developed by the team with an active participation of the community and everyone has the opportunity to offer their ideas and solutions.

Through the main RKT8 robot, which is available to everyone and is absolutely free, it is possible to connect other robotic investment tools. One of the ideas of the project is the personal development of each member of our community in terms of investment and personal participation in this process. We provide proven and high-yield robotic investment tools, interact with our community and engage in the process in every possible way.

Reward Distribution Plan

80% - we will give to our loyal community 20% - to maintain all of our services, that will ensure smooth operation of the node (will provide more information in regards to this after starting the node).