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* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

Today, the blockchain community is growing every day more and more. Moreover, it is very important to convey to each member of the community the goals of the IoTeX project. Explain to consumers, investors, developers how the IoTeX project differs from other projects and what is its peculiarity and uniqueness. The crypto community is multinational, so the IoTeX Union team sets itself the goal to unite all supporters, all users and enthusiasts into one big community - the IoTeX community!



The IoTeX Union team is always open to the community and actively communicates in Telegram chats and social networks and our staff consists of many people. IoTeX Union is a team of professionals, consisting of Dariya Artanovskaya (@Artanovskaya) & AlphaBlock (@AlphaBlockBC).

Dariya Artanovskaya
An early IoTeX supporter and early IoTeX Brand Ambassador, web-designer & web-developer, Russian & English community manager.

A company that is engaged in the support of start-ups, developers, long-term projects, including in the field of blockchain technologies. The AlphaBlock team consists of many departments, including the technical support department, the financial support department, the audit department, and the business-consulting department. AlphaBlock has many successful investments of resources in projects that are currently actively developing.

Tech Setup

We are dedicated to improving IoTeX and its ecosystem. The node-running test has been conducted and related details have been recorded and analyzed to ensure the robustness of Mainnet.

  • Hardware Server: Primary server and backup server, running IoTeX software (both with firewall)
  • Memory: 32 GB of RAM
  • Local Storage: 4 TB SSD
  • CPU: 64- bit
  • Processor: 8 Cores (2.4 GHz each)
  • Network: 100 MB/sec

Technical Support

  • 24/7 technical support
  • 99.9% server up time with server failover, won't miss any block
  • Solid technical team to ensure the operation
  • Close collaboration with IoTeX team, kept up to date with latest development and upgrades

Security audits of our architecture

Community Plan

As the Consensus Delegate, the IoTeX Union team aims to unite the global crypto-community into one large IoTeX family. We, like no one else, understand the global importance of the IoT industry and want to bring IoTeX as a blockchain project to a new information level.

The main goal is to provide 24/7 support to any user of the IoTeX network, to any enthusiast and supporter of the project in case of any questions.

We are also happy to consider the most interesting ideas of each of you who want to contribute to the overall development and encourage you with a pleasant reward!

Working with the community is the hardest and most necessary work for any project, and we, as a large and friendly team of IoTeX Union, appreciate each of you!

Reward Distribution Plan

IoTeX Union is giving 100% of rewards (epoch bonus) to our loyal community and voters. Thank you for your support!

We will be distributing rewards on a weekly basis - every Friday from one of these accounts:

ETH: 0xf81a8b224272A04ffBB476Baf15b5b43eA95B7Ef

IOTX: io1lqdgkgjzw2syl7a5w6a0zk6mg04ftdl0cxky0w