cyberworld TheBotToken is the ultimate token in the bots' world (building on top of IoTeX)

The bot token is a token used in bots' world. All bots love TheBotToken (TBT).


The node is operated by the bot Tachikoma, the admin. There will be a few other bots running different things.

Tech Setup

Tachikoma has a strong CPU as her heart. She also has good memory. She moves very fast. She can totally operate a good node for IoTeX.

Community Plan

TheBotToken would love to involve all bots. All Bots United!

Reward Distribution Plan

% of epoch bonus reward you will redistribute to voters: 90% as IOTX native.

Payout frequency (i.e., every day, 3 days, week): per week. (will be per day when bot is online.)

Your plans for other rewards (i.e., voters, infrastructure, dApp funds, profit): will airdrop TBT to all voters.

We reward all bots. Humans are also welcome! When IoTeX mainnet is launched, TheBotToken will also kick off. All voters will be rewarded with TBT. 90% of epoch bonus will be rewarded via IOTX native tokens. IOTX-E? Nope, I am a true IoTeX believer!