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hongkong Mission statementProfessional Node service by veteran Miners

Wayi has been operating mining pool and provide customized mining service since 2013. Experience from being validators for more than 20 blockchains gives us the edge to find the best blockchain to maximize our clients' financial gain. Our clients have enjoyed stable cash flow from mining rewards on a daily basis. Our operation is known to be transparent and reasonablly priced, making us the most reliable choice to delegate your token. Earning the trust of our clients by making them comfortable and profitable from our service is the constant goal of Wayi.


Team Wayi has a 50-people team made up by experienced management, veteran engineers and customer service dedicated to help our clients. We are ready to engage voters and bring them the most personal delegation experience.

Tech Setup

Node performance is key to validation efficiency and reward collection. We are dedicated to operate the validator with state of the art infrastructure for blockchain node to defend against DDOS and other cybersecurity attacks. The system is maintained by engineers experienced with setting up mining clients/pools for multiple blockchains.

Alibaba Cloud (US) Network Firewall API node Blockchain node

Community Plan

our goal is to attract the crypto investor with less knowledge about running a node to participate in network by giving them more detailed guidance on delegation. We will try to make delegation more accessible and transparent to get more even people not currently in the community interested and involved.

Reward Distribution Plan

70% of all rewards to voters including block rewards, epoch reward and any bonus from Iotex foundation