Esania Blockchain + IoT = IoTeX. Go IoTeX!

Make Blockchain + IoT Great!


We are a team of whales who are strongly believes in the future of Blockchain + IoT. While IOTA doesn't make much sense, IoTeX is the one who keeps pushing forward the advancement of this field. We are putting on big bet on this team!

Tech Setup

mainnet CPU: 4c/8t Memory: 32GB

mainnet backup CPU: 4c/8t Memory: 16GB

testnet CPU: 4c/8t Memory: 32GB

testnet backup CPU: 4c/8t Memory: 16GB

Community Plan

We need your support! Let's work together to support this team and to support the Blockchain + IoT vision! The node is safe and secure, and the delegate is run by two competent programmers who do IT and Cyber Security for a living.

Reward Distribution Plan

We’ll return 100% of the revenue to voters who support us. Payments are FULLY automatic.