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Bitwires (币快报)
Singapore Let value investment take less roundabouts.

Bitwires is currently the China's largest blockchain media platform in terms of user traffic! With over 1000 projects and 700 media partners signed on to our platform, Bitwires has reached 2 Million downloads, its API cooperates with 50 high-traffic apps, covering over 7 Million users.

Bitwires is a global blockchain media platform and community, and one of the fastest growing media platforms in the Asia Pacific region.

We will work with our team to build a better and powerful media platform and strive to build with strong scalability and developability for the whole Bitwires ecosystems.


David Zeng: CEO of Bitwires, former founder of iLoka Digital Content Marketing Platform, has over ten years of management experience in the business industry.

Fresh Li: COO of Bitwires, former Project Director of Tencent Video, Baidu Browser and QQ music.

Weiqing He: CTO of Bitwires, former Senior Technical Architect of Baidu AI.

Liang Zeng: Chairman of Bitwires, former CEO of Baidu Nuomi.

Tech Setup

Server: EC2 c5.2xlarge

Memory: 32 GB RAM

Local Storage: 4 TB SSD

CPU: 8 cores Intel Xeon Platinum 8000 (Skylake-SP) Processor

Network: 1GB/sec

System: Linux Debian Stretch

Community Plan

Bitwires has a strong team consisting of senior product managers, fund traders, and experts in computing. We have deep cross-industry networks in Asia, which will enable us to bring more applications to the mainland users.

As a Consensus Delegate, Bitwires can provide a secure and reliable network environment for future IoTeX applications. Our team will build a better and safer IoT platform with strong scalability, privacy, isolatability and developability for incubating new IoT applications and ecosystems.

Bitwires will focus on mass adoption of IoT devices embedded IoTeX Blockchain:

  • Open source IoT hardware and software solution
  • Grow developer community with engineers and university students
  • Business development with IoT company (smart watches, hotels)

Reward Distribution Plan

85% of all IoTeX reward received will be distributed to our voters in direct.

10% of all IoTeX reward received will be used to cover the cost of servers, website, software development, maintenance.

5% of all IoTeX reward received will join the community fund pool to promote our community plan.