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Russia IoTeX is the future. IoT time has come.

Hello IoTeX members! We are happy to be a part of great community, people who are interested in new technologies. People who make technologies helpful and worth their intention. We are eager to do our best on the way. Let’s build the future together!


Alexander (founder)

Tech Setup

Primary and Backup nodes on dedicated hardware hosted in different datacenters.

2xCPU 64bit Octa-Core 3,4GHz 64Gb RAM System drive 250GB NVMe SSD disk Data drive 1TB NVMe SSD disk Firewall protection Secured communications for private nodes

Community Plan

Implementation IoT solutions with IoTeX for our life

IoT integrations with IoTeX protocols for lightweight devices. Smart Home/Business IoT integration Solutions for logistic tasks

Reward Distribution Plan

80% - for voters 10% - to maintain the infrastructure 10% - reserved for further development and future promotion