IoTeXLaoMao *
Tokyo, Japan Secure and Stable IoTex Delegate Node
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

IoTeXLaoMao team is dedicated to providing a secure and stable IoTex Delegate node. We are an experienced team with technical skills including network, cryptocurrency, web development for more than 7 years. Currently, we are running block producer nodes for several POS chains including EOS and IOST. We are really excited to explore the future possibility of IOT industry leveraging blockchain technology along with great projects like IoTeX.


Co-founder, LaoMao

Inblockchain Partner Founder

Co-founder & CEO, JohnnyZhao

Senior full-stack engineer with 7+ years of developing experience Former core developer at

Co-founder & CTO, Lemons Wang

Senior full-stack engineer with 7+ years of developing experience Experienced in network and distributed systems

Tech Setup

Google Cloud Compute Engine 8-core CPU 30 GB RAM 1TB SSD

Community Plan

In terms of Community building, our first principle is “Developer First”. We are planning to do local promotions to developers in Japan to broader the developer community first. We believe the dapp these developers could build is the key to grow a stronger and healthy community.

Reward Distribution Plan

We are still finalizing reward distribution plan. Currently, we are planning to distribute 80% of the income(excluding operation expense) to delegators, but it’s subject to change.