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The Giving Block
Washington, District of Columbia A vote for The Giving Block is a vote for Charity!

The Giving Block ( helps nonprofits leverage cryptocurrency and blockchain to elevate their impact. We introduce nonprofits to the transformative nature of cryptocurrency, providing education, equipping them to fundraise crypto (including IOTX!) and matching them with top projects in the industry to explore innovative use cases.

Blockchain technology will address many pressing challenges faced by nonprofits by improving transparency and security. By directly contributing our IoTeX Delegate rewards to impactful nonprofit organizations, we intend to spread awareness for a meaningful cause, while showing other nonprofits why it pays to know crypto. This not only benefits the nonprofits bottom line, but also helps grow and legitimize cryptocurrency, bringing major social impact institutions into the space. The nonprofit will partner with us to help grow the IoTeX community.

Each quarter, The Giving Block will partner with a new nonprofit beneficiary of IoTeX’s Delegate program. ALL PROCEEDS will be split evenly between our voters and the nonprofit!


Our team is composed of blockchain investors who have been working with early stage blockchain companies for years. Our team has learned what makes blockchain investors and companies tick. Now, we use that knowledge-base to help nonprofits.

Our team is based in Washington DC and we work out of DC’s blockchain hub, BlockShop DC, where we hold regular events to grow and engage with the local community. Come meet the TGB team in our Telegram Group.

Tech Setup

Server: Primary and backup servers on AWS (both with firewall)

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Local Storage: 1TB SSD

CPU: 64-bit Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHz each) Network: 100 Mb/sec

Community Plan

We will partner with a new nonprofit each quarter and grow the IoTeX community together. Our nonprofit partners have a large online presence that will reach people outside of the cryptocurrency community and bring in new members to the IoTeX community.

In working with major nonprofit institutions, we hope to further legitimize the IoTeX blockchain. This program will ultimately further cryptocurrency adoption with mainstream users for this very same reason.

We will leverage the Washington DC blockchain network where we run a blockchain incubator hosting 5 startups. If you’re in the area, reach out to us on Telegram (, stop by for coffee and meet the team.

Reward Distribution Plan

50% to “Nonprofit / Charity of the Quarter” - Currently: The Lupus Foundation (

50% to Voters - Thank you for your support!

We will distribute rewards to voters on a weekly basis!