California The world’s most popular cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app

With nearly 6,000,000 users total, Blockfolio is the most popular mobile platform for IoTeX supporters to follow major news, developmental updates, and pricing moves.

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Edward Moncada (CEO) is a founding board member of the Dash foundation and a co-originator of Dash’s “Governance by Blockchain” concept (AKA the Dash DAO), the cryptocurrency ecosystem’s first fully functioning governance and treasury system.

Jonathan Chu (VP of Product) is an ex-Google PM who then ran product at Flipagram, growing it into a social video platform that reached 200M+ users globally.

Brian Dilley (CTO), was previously CTO/Co-founder at Flipagram and served on its board with Michael Moritz and Naval Ravikant. He has been building startups for 20+ years and chose to join us after being highly sought after by numerous blockchain projects.

Brent Akamine (Design Director), Another key member of the Flipagram team, Brent walked away from a promotion to oversee a division of 100+ designers at Bytedance to join our team (yes, for real). Brent was the driving force behind our Blockfolio 2.0 brand and design refresh

Naveen Molloy (VP Operations) was previously Sr. Director of Operations at Expa, a $150M incubator started by Uber founder Garrett Camp. He has helped finance, incubate, and grow over 45 companies.

Anthony Zhang(Director of Growth & Marketing). is a Thiel Fellow who previously started and sold food delivery startup, EnvoyNow. Afterwards, he was the Director of Growth at JOANY, where his team managed a $10M+ annual growth budget. Here at Blockfolio, Anthony is focused on nurturing our community of users and token teams while helping Blockfolio charge forward towards mainstream adoption. While we could only highlight a few key folks, the Blockfolio team is now over 30 strong and every team member brings a similar passion, skill set, and experience that makes us confident that we’ve built the right starting team.

Tech Setup

Server: Primary and backup servers on AWS (both with firewall)

Memory: 16 GB of RAM

Local Storage: 1TB SSD

CPU: 64-bit Processor: 8 cores (2.4 GHz each) Network: 100 Mb/sec

Community Plan

As one of Blockfolio’s very first beta participants in the Blockfolio Signal platform, IoTeX and Blockfolio have enjoyed a strong professional relationship and have grown together for over a year now.

With nearly 6,000,000 users total, Blockfolio is the most popular mobile platform for IoTeX supporters to follow major news, developmental updates, and pricing moves.

Blockfolio plans to use its reach to help raise awareness and adoption for IoTeX for both newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts in the crypto ecosystem.

For example, Blockfolio featured IoTeX’s April 22nd mainnet alpha launch in the “This Week in Blockfolio Signal” weekly newsletter, which was pushed out on all social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) as well as in an official Blockfolio Signal post that reaches all users in the app. This represented well over 1.5 million impressions across all channels in the 48 hours after newsletter was out.

Located in sunny Los Angeles, Blockfolio also plans to foster a strong community presence for IoTeX by hosting meet ups and connecting IoTeX with other local companies in the ecosystem.


Reward Distribution Plan

Blockfolio is committed to distributing 100% of the rewards to the voter community for the first 1200 epochs. After the 1200th epoch we will be distributing 80% of the Epoch Bonus Rewards. Rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis.

Rewards are distributed from the following Eth Address: 0x8aC9310363f43c98F8E1db31C98c725f3017DF8C