EliteX.IoTeX *
BVI EliteX delegate for IoTeX
* This is not a node hosted by IoTeX Official Team.

As a delegate, EliteX will distribute rewards to the IoTex community without reservation. Our experienced tech team will keep the node running reliably, and fulfill our obligation to manage consensus on behalf of the entire IoTeX network. As an exchange platform EliteX ( can provide a convenient and secure marketplace for the IoTeX ecosystem. Voters will find a easy way to stage and get reward from IoTeX.


Leo Yu - CEO

Blockchain investor on several successful projects and enthusiast of blockchain technology.

Haidong Liu - CTO

Passionate about technology, with more than 20 years IT experience.

Tech Setup

8core ( 2.5 GHz, Intel Xeon Platinum 8175)32G 2T EBS Storage, 10Gb network bandwidth

Community Plan

After the launch of the EliteX exchange, our user base has grown rapidly, with a community of support that spreads over Europe, America and Asia. The exchange provides a convenient and secure market for the IoTeX ecosystem, which will help build the IoTeX community:

IoTeX and other projects build within the IoTeX ecosystem will be known to our community and supporters. IoTeX and outstanding projects built within the IoTeX ecosystem will be listed on the EliteX exchange (, providing liquidity for investors. All delegate rewards will be distributed back to the EliteX user community, quickly expanding the influence of IoTeX.

Reward Distribution Plan

The percentage of bonus rewards redistributed to voters: 100%. All of the epoch rewards will be distributed to EliteX users who staking IoTx in EliteX. Please visit for details.

The plans for other rewards (voters, infrastructure, DAPPs, funds, profit etc.): 100% of the rewards will be distributed in the same manner as epoch rewards.

Payout frequency: Weekly.

Reward Address: 0xf530c12759368b6fe665cf654f93f35fa4bb3476

***We only give rewards to user's account in If you don't register user and stake on, the reward will not be distributed. For any questions please find support in our official telegram group