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Consensus Delegates Pool Expansion and Private Sale Token Distribution Schedule
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IoTeX DOTM (Delegate of the Month) - July 2019

Over the past 3+ months of Mainnet, we have continuously enhanced the IoTeX Delegates Program. One of our main goals is to better connect the IoTeX community and Delegates — this involves providing more transparency regarding Delegate contributions, achievements, and commitments. We are excited to introduce the Delegate Badges Program as our next initiative!

To make Delegate activities more transparent for IoTeX voters, we will publicly display Delegate Badges on the website starting in August. But first, we need the IoTeX Community's help to VOTE!

Delegate of the Month Badge: every month, IoTeX community will elect 5 “Delegates of the Month (DOTM)”. Each DOTM gets 5 million votes from IoTeX Foundation, prime top placement on, and a permanent DOTM badge!

Before voting, review the DOTM candidates' contributions here:

Official Rules:

  • Any Delegate may submit an application to be on the DOTM ballot

  • All IoTeX Voters are eligible to vote for DOTM at

  • Each IoTeX Wallet can vote for 3 DOTM candidates. DOTM voting is not stake-weighted (1 Wallet = 3 votes for 3 different candidates)

  • Any signs of voting manipulation by Delegates will result in permanent ban from the DOTM program!

Check detailed voting rules here: