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Map Your IOTX-E Address to Native IOTX Address (Optional)

The IoTeX Network currently supports both IOTX-E (ERC20) and Native IOTX. As we approach Mainnet GA in Q2 2020, two activities are required to transition from the current Ethereum/IoTeX hybrid to fully native IoTeX:

  1. Migrate all staked IOTX-E (ERC20) to IoTeX Mainnet – see below for details
  2. Swap all unstaked IOTX-E to Native IOTX – see “Official Token Swap” thread for details

Every ETH address has a corresponding IOTX address (and vice versa), which share the same private key. By default, all existing stakes/votes on Ethereum will be automatically mapped/transferred to the corresponding IoTeX address when Mainnet GA is launched. However, this presents an issue for users that do not have access to their private key (e.g., hardware wallet users).

For any staker that does not have access to their private key, please submit/sign a request below to map your existing ETH stakes/votes to a different IOTX address to which you have the private key (i.e., NOT your corresponding address). If you have access to your private key and want your existing ETH stakes/votes mapped to your corresponding IOTX address, no action is required.

Note: mapping requests are recorded via Ethereum smart contract for security and transparency – if a user submits multiple requests, the last mapping request will be used. The mapping will end on 5pm PDT May 23rd, 2020.